And Now For Something Completely Different: “Marble Run”

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie reached the last stages of the first game I wrote for her. She asked me to extend or continue it as a christmas present. But since my OutOfIdeaException with that game, I will try something different.

With “Marble Run”, the idea is to redefine the notion of flow. Nothing feels smoother and nicer to control, than a tiny marble in a half-pipe, running down an endless lane of metal, rubber and ice.

So head over to Google Play to download “Marble Run” for Android, now.

This is a VERY early version with very little features and crude gameplay. So, give it a try, and give me feedback, so I can make it the best marble game out there until christmas.

The Doctor Is In

Let me introduce myself briefly.

I am working for an infamous software company as scrum master—which is actually a lot of fun. In my spare time, I tinker with mobile games that I write for my beloved wife.

And that’s where you come in: Play her games and give me feedback, so that I can improve and provide her with the best games possible.